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07:25pm 16/11/2008

What in the world?

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as you wish.   
08:09pm 01/12/2006
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hope to see you here!!!
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05:20pm 22/02/2006
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happy birthday stephanie!!!
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06:08am 11/01/2006
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becky, i hope that you birthday is as magical as can be, and maybe even filled with poison ice cream...
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01:35pm 02/01/2006
  i woke up this morning to the person in the apartment next to mine
knocking on the wall saying "hellooo, let me iiin"
then he played greenday really loud, as usual
and has been knocking on the wall (on and off) all day
and dino so does NOT appreciate it.
03:01pm 29/12/2005
  i want to do something fun tonight.
if you also want to do something fun, we should do that fun thing together.
let me know about the fun.
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10:36pm 21/12/2005
  i take it back, i dont love you santino rice
i love YOU danny v!

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10:37pm 15/12/2005
  today was probably one of the lamest days ive ever lived
work was so stupid and i wanted to quit in a fit of rage. but i didnt.
i did make a snow family though. snow man snow woman and snow kiddies.

then i drove home and wanted to kill a lot of suvs
seriously man. suv's.
they think they're the only cars who know how to drive in snow
until they go too fast and cant stop and try to kill me!
o well at least applesauce can still fill up for 25

also (sarah you'll probably appreciate this): today "the music lady" came to sing christmas songs at work. she asked the kids if they had any favorite songs that they wanted to sing. conner raised his hand and said "my favorite song is the animal happy birthday song" no one knew what he was talking about, so the music lady asked him to sing it for us. in the most innocent voice of a 3 year old, in front of 20 kids and many parents, conner proudly sang "happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too". later we sang old macdonald. when it was conner's turn to pick an animal, he decided that an ostrich would be the best choice. and that ostrich had a rar rar here and a rar rar there.
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10:37pm 14/12/2005
  once again, my friends save my life
i feel like i've got it back, even if its just a little bit
in the morning i listen to junior senior on my way to work
and i dance and sing and smile in my car again
thank you friends. you make me so happy.

im starting to wonder if this is really what i want to do forever...
today, andrew smacked me in the face.
i just put him down and walked away, i thought i was gonna cry even.
do i want to do this forever?
clean poo off of butts and wipe noses overflowing with boogers
and teach people some insanely important life lessons
that they'll just forget in seconds?
i dont know.

ps. santino rice, i love you
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you dont have to be a scientist to do experiments   
11:14pm 05/12/2005
  remember when everything was totally fucked up and we were permadrunk and on speed all the time
we were all a bunch of miserable assholes with nothing to do
so we hung out together and made each other hurt and then tried to fix it
i love you all im sorry for everything im sorry i lost touch with (almost) everyone i've ever loved.
i want to have stretch armstrong arms so i can grab everyone and pull them in for one big fat hug.

with that said
dearest friends wherever you are these days,
get me outta this rut! ive been here too long.
if you're in a rut, i'll help get you out too.
i want to go to a stupid retarded party with all of my friends and all of those kids who i talk to just because i feel like i have to.
i want to try on many multiple outfits and hair styles until fits are thrown and shouts of "im not even going!" can be heard throughout the hallways.
i want to stay up all night and laugh and draw pictures and sing songs and dress up

its way past my bedtime.
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09:46pm 30/11/2005
  "look little you in the eye every time you encounter a child"  
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11:42pm 27/11/2005
  work. drink. cry. sleep.
how rad.
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take all that pain and turn it into love   
11:19pm 22/11/2005

on another note,
ive become such a bore!
i work, go to school, drink a few white russians and sleep.
that's life, and thats it.
ive been reading all of this existentialist philosophy
which for sure has its moments when i get fuzzy and say a little fuck yeah
but i think, overall, its only making matters worse.

ive been craving that ultimate feeling that i get
when i just stay up till all hours
with some chick talking and remembering and pausing to watch bad tv

i remember when i was fun and happy and kind
and i absolutely hate that ive let what has happened bring me into this place
im happy its true, but i remember a day when i brought happiness to others aside from jason

and i think i forgot how to dance
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08:21pm 14/11/2005
  dear freshman year,
i miss you dearly...
can i please live you just one more time?

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09:47pm 18/10/2005
  my job most certainly requires a fairly strong stomache, as bodily fluids are ever present and usually must be taken care of by my own hands.
but on this day, i witnessed the most disgusting thing in all of my years in childcare

today, one child was in a pull-up for the first time
so of course she was excited about the freedom
so i called her to the bathroom at changing time.
as i was putting on some gloves, i heard another child say "eww"
two and three year olds rarely say "eww" so i knew it was going to be bad.
i turned to see the little girl pull down her pull up which was full of some nasty poo
i said ooh its ok just it happens,
held my breath and frantically looked for the nearest cleaning supplies.

some poo got on her hand.
she looked at the poo, she looked at me
her eyes were curious and scared

she put her hand in her mouth, poo and all.
the horror on her face after tasting the poo was like nothing ive ever seen.
im sure my face wasnt much different than hers.
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06:52pm 26/09/2005
  so, speaking of this one year thing....
ive never been with anyone for more than a couple of months, so i dont know what to do...

jason told me he wants to get all classy and take me to a nice restaurant
but he told me i gotta pick the place...
where do we go?
i want to give him a present but what do i get this dude?
i am so not making a stupid picture book cutesy crap.

i need help!!!
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08:15pm 24/09/2005
  work has been rad. got a check for 1200 and almost passed out in the pfizer parking lot. i celebrated by buying some good vodka and kahlua. conferences went so well. i was nervous and almost barfing before i entered the conference room, but it was so nice to just sit down and talk to the parents about how totally awesome their kids are. i even got a present from one of the moms, which looks quite cute in the kitchen. we finally got all of the new furniture, so the apartment is looking way cute now. although its still strange to live in such a nice place. and dino is fiiiiiinally getting used to it!

my old landlord called me just to tell me that when he was working on the house, the 3 year old from next door came knocking on the door asking if i was home. steve told him that i moved and the little guy asked "why did she move away from us" so sad. i miss that little guy, and all of my other ypsilanti pals especially you, becky. im going to have to make a trip out there soon to hang out with the kids and everyone else.

in mushier news, i still cant believe that i met jason a year ago. its so weird that we are still in love... i dont get it. with any other dude, i woulda been totally sick of him after a month and running far far away. but i guess its different because i love him for the way he thinks and the things he says, as opposed to assuming our compatability based on favorite bands, clothes, and mutual friends. one year ago, we were carrying a couch across ypsi and i was sure to carry a piece with him so that i could stare at him and make him looove me. i was luring him over with sneaky tetris invitations. he's my man and he's my best friend. im so stupid smiley girly over him still, and i dont even care. he'll be back soon, so i am off to prepare some white russians.

yeah well i dont write much anymore!
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07:37pm 15/09/2005
  dear stephanie, i have pictures for you. gimme your address.

dear becky, i made a cd for you. gimme your address.
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05:02pm 04/09/2005

jason, tim and i are going to be heading down to houston this week to help at the astrodome and wherever else we might be needed. if anyone would like to join us, let me know. im waiting for a call back with all of the details, but let me know if you are interested
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08:48pm 17/08/2005
  i feel just like im living someone else's life
it's like i just stepped outside when everything was going right

can you believe it? i have a big girl job!
im working on conference prep nonstop! parent/teacher conference prep. weird.
conferences. never had a conference such as this.
i've been doing intake meetings. leading meetings? what in the world...
anyways, i got a 1.00 raise which is... well awesome. yes awesome
my parents are lovin me, my kids are lovin me.
i even got an award! i got an award at work, so amazing that my parents and coworkers love me that much.
to see the praises that people have given me is absolutely amazing. ugh. you do so much for people and they actually recognize the importance of events such as admiring bugs!!! its awesome
i get to do what i LOVE. fill these lives with everything that is important!
love, fear, sadness... theyre allowed and encouraged to feel it! ahh im sorry.

i moved... thank goodness, most yucky house and yucky burdens that are thankfully gone now.
i took a bath the other day. no no, havent taken a bath in way long.
loving the clean life.
in other news, i lost ten pounds. weird. dont even know how that one happened
i guess just working and such, but word. i like it.
everything is right.
ah jasons home. the end!

ps. if anyone in the ann arbor area wants a job in childcare, talk to me. if i get you hired,m i get 300 dollars. which is rad for me, plus you would have a rad job. so, let me know. the end!
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